Sample Resume for Teachers


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This sample resume uses 3 pages to create a brochure format.

  • Take 2 pages and copy side by side onto an 11 X 17 piece of paper.  (This is pages 2 and 3, represented below)
  • Fold the paper in half so that the 2 pages are facing one another.
  • On the cover, copy an additional page that has your name, address, and phone number.  (This is page 1, represented below.)
  • Now, open up, and you’ll have an attractive, detailed resume all in one glance.  If it’s organized, the administrator can quickly look over your experience and qualifications.

Please note: This sample has areas where the format was distorted when it was transferred to the web. Use your judgement to make your resume formatting more attractive.




Street Address
City, State  Zip
(999) 999-9999





Street Address
City, State  Zip
(999) 999-9999
Visit my web site — A to Z Teacher Stuff
email —

OBJECTIVE To obtain a teaching position at the preschool or elementary level.
EDUCATION Currently pursuing a B.S. in Elementary Education (Early Childhood PK-3 emphasis) at Southwest State University.  Graduation date:  May 15, 1998.
Certification (following graduation):  Early Childhood (PreK-3) and Elementary Education (1-6). Overall G.P.A.: 3.xx     G.P.A. in Education:  3.xx High School Diploma, High School High, May, 1993.  Salutatorian of graduating class.


Sylvan Learning Center — Teacher (Aug. 1997–present)  Address
Supervisor:  Mrs. Supervisor, Ph.D.  (999) 999-9999.  Work with students, K-12 and all ability levels, to improve success in school through instruction in reading, writing, math, and study skills and through boosting self-confidence.
Student Teaching – Kindergarten (Mar. 12 – May 12)  Big Tree Elementary, Ms. Coop Teacher

  • Used centers for math, science, social studies, health, and writing to complement the child-based hands-on curriculum.
  • Implemented a positive discipline plan which promoted student responsibility, problem solving skills, and student accountability.
  • Worked with “Write-to-Read” program and used “Write Away” bags to encourage reading/writing at home, parent involvment, and listening/speaking/writing skills.
  • Implemented phonics instruction with small groups.
  • Developed thematic unit on plants/gardening around major instructional goals.
Student Teaching – Fourth Grade (Jan. 13 – Mar. 10)  Kidsville Elementary, Mrs. Coop Teacher

  • Created and implemented literature units on Number the Stars and Mississippi Bridge.
  • Developed and taught writing unit on “why” stories.
  • Teacher’s manuals provided the guideline for teaching math and science, but other activities were pulled in to suit the students’ needs and to make material more interesting and meaningful.  I adapted units for time, money, geometry, and weather.
Practicums (195 hours).  Observed classroom and taught lessons one-on-one, to small groups, or to the whole class.  Six classrooms total, two were multiage, Grades PreK-4.

  • Developed and implemented thematic units on plants & seeds and insects.
  • Completed lessons on various children’s books, poems, and themes.
  • Lessons involved cooperative learning, language experience approach, hands-on/minds-on experiences, and interdisciplinary teaching.
Volunteer Work (70 hours).  Volunteered as Teacher’s Assistant, Space Elem.; Preschool Teacher, Head Start; Mentor for K student, Literacy Center; and Elementary Science Fair Judge, Miller Schools.
Aiding (100 hours).  Observed and interacted with individual students at Parenting Life Skills Center (adult parenting classes), University Child Care Center (4-5 year olds), and Grove Elem. (2nd grade).



ABC CPAs — Support Staff  (Nov. 1994–Aug. 1997)  Address
Supervisor: Mrs. Supervisor (999) 999-9999.  Fulfilled various clerical responsibilities such as typing, filing, taking inventory, database management, and restocking/organizing supplies.
After School Time — Program Assistant (May 1997–June 1997).  After school program sponsored by YMCA, Central & Hills Elem.  Responsible for supervising and maintaining control of children K-5.
Department Store — Sales Clerk (Apr. 1994–Dec. 1994).  Assisted customers, created store displays, and took on many of the department manager’s responsibilities.


  • Very proficient in the use of computers and programs.
  • Created a web site for teachers:
  • Attended Wright Group workshop:  “Shared Reading & Beyond” (March, 1998)
  • Familiar with Success and Kagan Cooperative Learning
  • Willing to relocate


  • I have a serious commitment to be the best teacher for each group of students I have the opportunity to teach.
  • I will work hard to be a positive influence in the lives of my students, their parents, and my fellow teachers.
  • To keep up with the most effective teaching methods, I wish to attend workshops, obtain a master’s degree, and interact with other teachers for advice and to learn new ideas.
  • I plan to begin work on my Master’s in Reading degree in month, year.


Mrs. Student Teaching Supervisor, Second Block University Supervisor, (999) 999-9999
Mrs. Coop Teacher, 4th Grade Cooperating Teacher, (999) 999-9999
School Address
Mrs. Coop Teacher, Kindergarten Cooperating Teacher (999) 999-9999
School Address
Dr. Reading Professor, Reading Professor, (999) 999-9999
University Address


Also see: Developing a Teaching Resume & Cover Letter – Sample Teaching Job Cover Letter

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