Substitute Teaching


Folder for Substitutes 
Submitted by: Phyllis Crabtree, Special Education Paraprofession
Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5

I make a sub. folder. I put in my schedule, emergency information, a map of our school, and telephone numbers. I took pictures of teachers and students and include a brief description of the students’ goals.

Fun tip from a sub 
Submitted by: Rebecca White

My best idea for behavior management is positive, and effective. When a student misbehaves, I give a verbal warning to “settle down”. If the undesired behavior continues, I walk over to the child, lean down on the desk, and start singing the National Anthem or Show Tunes! I have had amazing responses to this. First, the child is utterly embarassed. Second, the others are laughing, and hard. I tell the child that I can sing all day, albeit not well, and that I will do so until he/she decides to change the behavior. I used to threaten to sing in public when my own kids were acting up, and it always worked. As a sub teacher, the kids will always test me. One or two songs usually settles the class into positive behaviors. And it is so shocking and funny to them, that they love it. It also makes me unpredictable to them, so they do shape up!

Make it an easier day! 
Submitted by: Liza Rivera

We all know that as soon as the kids come into the classroom in the morning, we are automatically able to pin-point who the trouble maker(s) will be for the day. Because this happens on a daily basis, what I have found to help me every day, is to make the trouble maker my special helper for the day. Of course all of the kids will react as soon as you let everyone know of your decision. I then follow to let them know that their accusations could not be possibly true because the individual is behaving so well. In return, the kid (trouble maker) has recieved recognition and will automatically turn into a very well behaved helper!

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